For Leaders and Teams

For Leaders and Teams

by neillthew

Working with Leaders on Their Adaptive Challenges

Most leaders, even the most seasoned professionals, find at some point in their career that what got them where they are, won’t get them where they need to go next.

Typically, this looks like:

1) feedback from colleagues that you need to change behaviour to be more effective. Yet, however hard you try, you never seem to make the change in behaviour others need. Typical behaviours that leaders struggle with are:

  • delegating
  • collaborating
  • trusting others
  • procrastinating
  • communication
  • empathy and showing concern for others
  • being strategic or innovative
  • dealing with conflict
  • decisiveness
  • holding their personal power
  • setting and maintaining professional boundaries
  • holding others accountable
  • moving from management to leadership

Leaders in this situation can feel frustrated, lost or disheartened. Even if they don’t feel that way, they know that maintaining the behaviour gap will be career-limiting.

2) changes in circumstances are making current ways of working not fit-for-purpose but you are not sure how to address this. Creating and leading new ways of working for situations you haven’t come across before can be complex and overwhelming, and particularly challenging when it comes on top of an already demanding and stressful workload.

The Cru approach to these situations is to help leaders to overturn the unacknowledged barriers to change that have been influencing their mind-set without them realising. These challenges are called adaptive challenges because something inside the leader needs to change and adapt if success is to occur. Cru helps make the change and adaptation happen.

Developing a mind-set that is free from unacknowledged barriers to success enables a leader to change behaviour effectively and sustainably. Cru coaches achieve this by using a coaching approach, Immunity to Change, that is focused, relevant, practical, and data and evidence-based. We do not work magic on you or ask you to walk on coals!

Ultimately, it is a liberating and career-enhancing process in which the leader grows and adapts to the new situation more willingly and effectively.

One client describes the impact of working with Cru: “I wholeheartedly recommend Cru coaching – particularly to those who have professional ambition, or simply wish to understand their actions and behaviours more deeply to change or adapt to new circumstances. I think everyone could benefit greatly from this type of coaching, both in personal and professional situations – the process is never linear, and could be applied to any situation where our instincts hint at a mismatch of expectations, understanding, and reactions (either ours or someone else’s).”

If you have a goal that you want to get better at achieving, and you are committed to putting some work in to over-turn career-limiting behaviours, the Cru approach could be right for you.

Are you interested and want to know what to do next? Please check out our coaching packages and get in touch.

Working with Teams on Their Adaptive Challenges

Like individual leaders, teams have their own unacknowledged blockers that are stopping them from succeeding. Often, the blocker is based on cultural norms and expectations that the team is not aware of it. Or the blocker may relate to the team’s unexpressed perception of its own identity and potential.

When we work with executive and leadership teams, we initially start work with individual leaders on an Improvement Goal that will enable them to contribute more effectively to the team. We run a one-on-one, confidential, Immunity to Change mapping session which takes 2-hours and reveals the unacknowledged blocker that is impeding progress. We do this, so that team members have personally experienced the power and impact of Immunity to Change, and in the process, increased their commitment to applying the approach to their team. The leader also has an experience of stretch and growth which opens their eyes, and stokes their motivation, to adapt and grow so that they can achieve.  

Next, two Cru coach facilitators meet with the whole team for a day and run a mapping exercise for the team to reveal its blocker. Once the blocker is revealed, the Cru coaches work with the team, as well as with individuals, to facilitate growth and achievement. The path of team coaching is not pre-defined. We always create bespoke packages for teams. We start the engagement process with exploring and defining the problem or challenge so that we can be clear about its adaptive elements and what is needed moving forward. The coaching packages on this site give an indication of typical coaching arcs for individual leaders.

Are you interested and want to know what to do next? Please get in touch to discuss your team’s specific situation, challenge and needs.