Cru’s Mission

Cru’s Mission

by Trevor Cousins

Cru is a boutique leadership consultancy. We specialise in working with organisations that need to adapt to challenging circumstances if they are to succeed and thrive.

In these increasingly turbulent, complex and fast-paced times, effective leadership is more important than ever. Our mission is to help organisations build the capacity of their leaders so they are better equipped to adapt, mobilise others and achieve in stretching environments.

Organisations that struggle to adapt create a contracted world of diminishing results, shrinking opportunity and unhappy people.

Thriving organisations create an expansive world of superior outcomes, empowered and happy people, improved customer experiences, stronger results.

We work with private, public and non-profit organisations.

Our company name aligns with our mission. Cru is a French word with multiple meanings that align with the work we do and the impact we seek to have:

  • High quality outputs – quality wines are grand cru
  • Growth – premier cru denotes the first growth of grapes from a vineyard
  • Rawness – change and growth provoke raw emotions that need to be understood and channelled effectively