Influences and Principles

Influences and Principles

by neillthew

The work we do

The core of our work is coaching leaders and their teams. We use Immunity to Change coaching to address adaptive behavioural challenges that have so far proven resistant to change.

Key influences

The benefits of the Cru approach are:

  • it is grounded in researched theory and practice by leading Harvard leadership, change and adult development academics
  • it addresses the most important behavioural changes that an organisation needs a leader or team to change
  • it is designed to produce sustainable behavioural change not a short-term quick fix
  • it affects the leader not only in their work but often outside work too

Cru’s approach has been influenced by the research, theory and practice developed by:

  • Robert Kegan & Dr. Lisa Lahey (developmental psychologists at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and creators of Immunity to Change coaching)
  • Ronald Heifetz (adaptive change leadership expert, and founding Director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government)

Over-arching principles

To be successful in a changing, complex world, leaders have to grow continually. To support this growth, Cru’s work is driven by 8 core principles that we believe are significant and important:

  1. We work with clients on their adaptive challenges
  2. Adaptive challenges can only be met through personal growth and inner change
  3. With skilled and appropriate support, all adults are capable of such development
  4. For us, development means helping you grow a bigger, more complex mind-set because that enables new behaviours
  5. The meaning you ascribe to your experience is shaped by your mental complexity and drives your behaviour
  6. We meet you where you are and work with who you are
  7. Engaging with rawness and vulnerability is an unavoidable part of change
  8. Overcoming adaptive challenges is liberating, releases energy and enables leaders to achieve more and provide greater value.

“Working with Cru was a really positive experience”.

  • it causes leaders to create the foundations for transformational work by digging deep and engaging with their meaning-making and inner feelings in a confidential, safe, manageable, real-world and practical way
  • it is challenging and stretching and truly developmental
  • it can be used by:
    • individual leaders
    • intact teams
    • learning communities such as a cohort on a leadership programme
  • it can be the basis on which a learning community of leaders is built
  • it can accommodate behavioural diagnostics, 360 degree feedback and other forms of survey data
  • the length and depth of the coaching journey, and consequent benefits, can be flexed to meet the needs of the organisation and individual
  • all Cru coaches have received ICF-accredited training in the Immunity to Change coaching approach

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