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Cru exists for just one thing… to support leaders in adapting and growing so they can achieve their most challenging commercial and leadership goals and add value to their organisation. 

Cru is a boutique consultancy. We work solely with your adaptive challenges – the challenges that seem immune to whatever attempts you make to fix them.

Working with Cru is an opportunity for leaders and teams to stretch and grow into an upgraded version of themselves, fit for the challenges they need to address. Our coaching approach removes the unacknowledged, and often unconscious, blockers that are stopping success from happening.

A to Z of Cru

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Influences and Principles

The core of our work is coaching leaders and their teams. We use Immunity to Change coaching to address adaptive behavioural challenges that have so far proven resistant to change.

For Leaders & Teams

Most leaders, even the most seasoned professionals, find at some point in their career that what got them where they are, won’t get them where they need to go next.


Tailored Coaching Packages

Cru has developed a range of three coaching packages for leaders and teams. We want to make it easy and straight-forward for clients to tailor Cru to their organisational and leaders’ growth needs.

About Cru

Cru was founded by experienced people developers Neill Thew and Trevor Cousins. Cru’s mission is to support leaders in addressing their most challenging goals in an ever more complex world. Leaders are being tasked with unprecedented challenges for which past ways of doing and thinking have not equipped them. It’s tough for leaders and challenging for their organisations. Cru’s coaching approach helps to give leaders and teams the tools they need to operate more effectively in complex times.

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Our Services

Cru seeks to truly partner with its clients in a spirit of transparency, collaboration, fairness, respect and enjoyment. We work with individual leaders, leadership teams and cohorts of leaders from across an organisation. We love the work we do and we seek to work with clients who are open to development and want to work in partnership. As much as possible, we tailor what we offer to organisational and individual needs. Part of the joy of our work is that leaders and their organisations are all different in culture, behaviour and expectations and we take account of this as much as we can.

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Why Choose Cru?


We are not generalists. We focus solely on supporting leaders with their adaptive challenges.



We seek to develop open, honest, collaborative, reflective relationships with our clients.


Cru’s founders were educated and trained at Oxford, Cranfield and Harvard Universities.


Here’s what just some of our clients have said

My Cru coach was great. We worked together, using The Immunity to Change process, which helps you tackle the things in your life and career that are often the most difficult to change and keep reoccurring. Not only did my coach help me understand this in a deep and meaningful way but also provided a framework for testing and validating the assumptions you often make about why things stop you progressing and fundamentally hone in on the things that really matter. It has helped me better understand and recognise both positive and negative habits and therefore established a real mind-set change, in turn helping me grow and develop.
My coach has a perfect style that combines great listening and reflecting, as you would expect but also holds you to account to the commitments you make to yourself and the ITC process.
Stefan, food and drinks professional with experience at PepsiCo, United Biscuits and Ferrero, now running his own Marketing Consultancy.

“Working with Cru on Immunity to Change has been a transformational experience for me… I have invited Cru in to work with my college management team and me on giving each other developmental feedback on our practice (and producing our own maps). What was transformational for me can be transformational for our whole institute.”

Steve, College Principal

“Working with Cru was a really positive experience. I think the supportive approach is vital with this as it is dealing with quite deep and difficult issues.”

Sue, Head of Department, national non-profit organisation

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